Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation

Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation

Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation
Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation
Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation
Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation
Game version: Android 3.0 and higher. v1.06a. ARMv5

Game features: Colorful graphics
More than 6000 cards
Weekly competitions
Fight other players

Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation

create unique card decks with mystical creatures, strong monsters, powerful spells and so on. Together with heroes of the popular anime engage in battle with strong opponents. The more card battles you win, the more new cards for your deck you can buy. Improve your cards by combining them. Make up decks of different cards and try out new tactics in battle. Make an unbeatable deck of unique cards and become the best in various competitions.
Download on :play.google.com
Download Yu-gi-oh! Duel generation : 1_yu_gi_oh_duel_generation.apk [14,23 Mb] (Count: 10)
1_yu_gi_oh_duel_generation.torrent [1,34 Kb] (Count: 2)

Game cache

The game requires cache to be downloaded. How to install the game with cache?

Download [zip]: 2_yu_gi_oh_duel_generation.zip [609,31 Mb] (Count: 1)
2_yu_gi_oh_duel_generation.torrent [47,84 Kb] (Count: 1)

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