help a popular character Gumball jump from one island floating in endless emptiness to another. The hero must find and rescue the inhabitants of Elmore. The insidious villain sent the city of Elmore to the abyss in this Android game. Gumball goes to find his friends. Help him rescue the characters
The plot of this game is quite simple. You play for a little mouse Jerry who wants some cheese. And you are simply obliged to help him with production of this delicacy. For receiving a treasured slice of cheese, you should solve two problems. First, to lay your way not to be noticed by a cat Tom
blast groups consisting of colorful sugar tiles in order to get playing points and rescue fairy tale characters. Travel across a magic kingdom together with popular Shrek who is the main hero of this Android game. Help Shrek clear his home lake out of sugar craziness and rescue friends. On each of
Explore the galaxy with your favorite droids to experience the Star Wars™ saga like never before in a brand new match-3 adventure. Tap into BB-8’s memories for an epic retelling from his unique perspective of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The journey will feature familiar scenes and previously
sort out tasty fruits, make lines of 3 and more fruits of the same kind, get juice and playing points. Teddy bear, the main hero of this merry and bright Android game must gather as many juicy and useful fruits as possible. Help the hero cope with this task. Look at the playing field full of fruits
place cats, owls and other figures on the playing field. Make lines of 3 and more identical figures to get points and new characters. All cats of this merry Android game dream to fly to space and colonize the Mars. To do this they will have to cover a long way, get needed knowledge and invent
SMART - an excellent game for training and development of your brain skills. We present you over 20 awesome games for training your IQ and reasoning skills. The game has over 300 levels that will help you enhance your memory, attention, intellectual flexibility, concentration and reaction.
help Anna and her friends craft a wonderful pet park. Sort out colorful blocks to get prizes and rewards. The heroine of this Android game decided to bring her dream to life and build new home for cute animals. Help the girl in this mission. On each of the levels you can swap fruits and other
make lines of blocks having the same color or the same number. Combine identical blocks to get playing points. Demonstrate your logic skills and attentiveness sorting out colorful blocks in this Android game. Combine blocks to change their color and clear the playing field. Train and cope with task
get through the twisted mazes. Try not to be noticed by guards and other enemies. Rescue hostages. Become a master of a sneak entry in this exciting Android game. Watch the surrounding situation and gurds moving across the levels carefully. Remain unnoticed, hide in the coverings and move in the
roll a ball across tropical jungles and lands of Arctic. Avoid various traps and overcome numerous obstacles on the way to the target. Develop your imagination and logic on the levels of this original Android game. Your task is to take the ball to the finish of each level. On the levels you will
try to overcome the protection of a mechanical box and reveal all its secrets. To complete the levels of this Android game you will require creative thinking, logic and observation skills. You must overcome all layers of the box protection and see what is hiding inside. Each layer of the protection
take a lost hero along twisted 3D mazes. Think over every move of yours, find the way leading to the next level. Use your logic and spatial thinking to take the hero across the levels of this Android game. Move the hero on the sides of a cube, find new passeges and routes which will help the
take a fearless postman across deadly dangerous levels of a magic tower. Deliver a letter to its addressee at any price! Trust your logic abilities and creative thinking in this Android game. Think over each step of yours as every move of the hero shortens his life supply. Help the character get to
help John escape from such dangerous situations as a police chase or fire exchange with enemies, and remain alive. The heroes of this Android game are going to fight against enemy spies, police and bandits. Take the character through the rooms of various buildings. Find a safe route. Fight against
Be our guest in an all-new magical puzzle game Beauty and the Beast: Timeless Match! Join Belle, Beast, and the castle staff as you solve match-3 puzzles, decorate the Beast’s Castle, and experience a tale as old as time like never before.
move a gleamy neon triangle across the cells of the playing field. Gather all pyramids and take the triangle to the finish of the level. Demonstrate your logic skills and smarts overcoming twisted levels of this Android game. On each of the levels you can find more than one solution. Remember that
sort out colorful crystals and make lines of 3 and more same colored ones. Go hunting treasures together with a joyful tiger, the main hero of this Android game. The tiger loves sparkling jewels. Help him make a collection of precious stones. To do this you must complete interesting tasks on each
destroy colorful elements which filled the playing field. Tap groups of identical elements to destroy them and get points. Plunge into a bright and colorful world of this exciting Android game. Each tap to the screen will start chain reactions of blasts. Try to destroy maximum objects with one tap.
move blocks across the playing field with one move of your finger. Make combinations of three and more identical blocks to blast them. Demonstrate observation skills and logic on randomly generated levels of this Android game. You will see colorful square blocks on the playing field. You can move
help a funny dwarf rescue cute animals who got into underground trap. Take the dwarf every time deeper, break stones and other obstacles on the way. Carry a rescue mission together with one of the heroes of this merry Android game. Every dwarf has a unique ability which helps him dig fast and
take a brave explorer across dynamically changing levels full of various traps and obstacles. Start an exciting journey together with the hero of this Android game. Take the hero across high mountains, abandoned ruins and other locations. Look for the hidden levers and buttons which will let the
help a cute penguin sort out fruits and vegetables. Swap objects and make lines consisting of 3 and more identical fruits. Demonstrate your attentiveness and logic completing levels of this Android game. Bring bright fruit explosions to cold winter locations. You and a penguin are going to make
take a wizard through many levels full of various traps and obstacles. Find a safe way for the hero and enter the next level. Apply your logic skills and smarts to complete levels of this exciting Android game. Help a wizard explore dark dungeons, caves and other mysterious locations. Interact with
swap tasty fruits and match rows of 3 and more same ones. Explode them and get points. Travel the ice age with popular cartoon characters in this game for Android. Cross the scenic locations such as jungle, meadows, and glaciers. Compete in matching fruits with different characters. Try to match as
help a famous saber-toothed squirrel get many tasty nuts. Clear obstacles that separate the hero from the goal. The funny hero of this game for Android is a character from a popular cartoon series. During the ice age the hero has been frozen and is now in a spherical piece of ice. But even that
shoot colorful bubbles at the group of them at the top of the screen. Match 3 and more same bubbles to pop them. In this game for Android you'll meet heroes of a popular cartoon, 5 emotions that live in the mind of Riley. You have to help emotions bring order to Riley's memories that are shaped
Go searching for adventures and fight cunning enemies. Match 3 and more games to make the heroes attack the enemy. Travel the fantasy world of the game for Android with Finn, Jake, and other characters of the popular cartoon. Do exciting tasks and help characters in need. Destroy the monsters using
create different objects using letters as construction elements. Combine letters in the most unusual way to complete a level. A writer, the main hero of this Android game, got into accident and is consciousless. Penetrate the sleeping mind of the writer and help him recover his memory and
help a funny robot get through the lower levels of a space station. Use a stretching arm of a robot to move him across every level. The main hero of this Android game has a unique arm able to stretch. With its help robot can cling walls, boxes and other objects. You must apply robot's abilities and
travel together with a girl and her teddy-bear across the world of dreams. Make lines of magic runes to overcome nightmares. The main heroine of this Android game and her teddy friend must go through many obstacles and cope with dangers in order to return to a real world. Apply your logic skills to
There are many legendary monsters, and contains a humorous story. Combine your skills and enjoy the continuous combo.
Raytrace is a puzzle logic game that revolves around one of the most beautiful phenomena - light refraction. With more than 120 levels to go, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove yourself as a pathfinder for your laser rays.
Explorez la géométrie impossible, des illusions et des puzzles optiques!
take an elf across twisted levels. Move blocks with road fragments, make a way to the exit. Start a journey across the world of fairy tales in this Android game. Every level consists of square blocks. Some of blocks can be moved. Your task is to take the hero to the orange block. To do this you
Link Twin is an exciting and stylistic puzzle game with fresh mechanics, visually stunning art and a haunting soundtrack. Take control of the mysterious Tom and Lily who share an unbreakable connection. Uncover a treacherous world of mysterious landscapes and mind-bending puzzles as you navigate
Take on this fantastic adventure. Make matches of 3 or more candies. Matching of 4 or more candies can trigger infinite sweetness which will make your sweet memories last forever. Cute little pandas are ready to be your companion in this candy kingdom. Sweet lovers! What are you waiting for? Come
swap tasty cookies. Make lines of 3 and more identical sweets to blast them and get playing points. Start a journey across the kingdom of sweets in this merry Android game. Help a cute heroine complete tasks and cook tasty sweets. Try to complete levels at minimum moves. To do this you must make
help Alice escape from the mirror world. Tap the screen in time to make the girl attack enemies appearing in the bottom of the playing field. Take Alice, the heroine of this Android game, through many mirrors inhabited by unfriendly creatures. Don't let enemies destroy Alice and don't let the girl
travel across a magic forest together with cute animals. Make lines of leaves, mushrooms and other objects to destroy and defeat enemies. Gather a team of funny animals in this Android game. Clear a big forest out of dark creatures with the help of your intelligence and incredible abilities of the
sort out colorful vegetables, flowers and leaves. Make lines of 3 and more identical objects to make them disappear and bring you playing points. Rescue pets! Start a journey across jungles and savannah in this merry Android game. You will recover abandonded safari parks so as cute animals can have
take two friends across two parallel worlds. Swap the worlds to help the heroes avoid traps and overcome obstacles. Demonstrate creative and logic skills in this exciting Android game. Each level is made of blue and pink platforms. The heroes have the same colors. The blue character can interact
Make a splash with Jammer Splash! The all new puzzle game from the creators of My Singing Monsters! Play as your favorite Singing Monsters as you complete colorful challenges and explore the Monster World! Every move counts, but with your skills, some amazing items, and help from your Monster
Oh no! The evil Badger has kidnapped your beloved animals & pets! Match 3 of a kind to win in this awesome puzzle adventure! Help brave Foxie to rescue his friends... and be careful as moves are limited.
help a funny alien that resembles a snail, move boxes across the playing field. Place boxes in specially marked places. Start a journey across the levels floating in space emptiness in this Android game. You will need to move boxes together with an alien. Place them to the tiles of the playing
activate powerful bombs and mines, destroy various buildings and constructions. Try to destroy most part of each object. In this exciting Android game you will try yourself as a professional bomber. You have different types of explosive at your disposal. Apply all available abilities in a creative
sort out magic ingredients and make alchemic potions having incredible properties. In this Android game you will become a student of the academy of magic. Listen to the tasks and advice of a wise professor carefully. Become the greatest alchemist. Start your way with making simple potions and
swap fishes, octopuses and other sea inhabitants. Make lines of 3 and more identical fishes to remove them from the screen. Start a journey across deep waters of the ocean together with a cute mermaid in this Android game. Find sunken treasures and magic artifacts. Defeat tricky pirates and get a
help a little fox return to his mummy. Draw a way on the screen to help the fox get to the level exit. A fox, the main hero of this Android game, can curl into a ball and roll along the hills. Get advantage of this feature to take the fox across twisted levels full of various obstacles and traps.
help the boy find his lost dog. Take the hero across twisted levels full of obstacles, traps and enemies. In this Android game you will experience a journey across forests, mountains, cities, caves and other locations. Your task is to take the character in the tracks of the lost dog. Take the hero
move the tiles with numbers. Join pairs of tiles with identical numbers to have one tile with a doubled number. In this Android game you can build your own city with the help of your logic. Each time you combine identical tiles you will expand your city. Get tiles with even bigger numbers, create a
take a girl through different locations of a magic forest inhabited by weird creatures. Solve puzzles to continue your journey. A boy, a girl and a dog, the heroes of this Android game, gathered berried. A giant bird took the dog and the girl to a magic forest. Help the boy find the girl. Help the
lay rails to make the way for a train moving between space colonies. Pick up all passengers waiting for the train. Travel across endless universe in this fantasy Android game. Demonstrate your engineering talent and logic skills making new railways. In every space colony you will meet passengers
help a farmer invent mechanisms and constructions. Use available elements and combine them. Visit Pettson and Findus farm in this merry Android game. Demonstrate your creative skills and non standard thinking, help Pettson complete his inventions. Create such weird mechanisms as a panoramic wheel
help Snoopy throw colorful bubbles up. Make groups of identical bubbles and pop them to clear the playing field and get points. The main hero of this merry Android game, a dog whose name is Snoopy, must rescue birds entrapped in colorful bubbles. Clear the screen out of bubbles you will find in the
move a cute pug across the cells of the playing field. Help the pug get to the hidden prizes. Don't let the evil police officer catch the pug. Arrange a beach party together with pugs in this Android game. Nobody can stop your fun. Nobody except a police officer chasing pugs hotfoot. You will need
help a cute girl get out of twisted mazes. Take her through dangerous traps and bring her home. Kyrsten, the main heroine of this interesting Android game wants to get home. You will accompany her in this journey. You will need to take the heroine along a twisted way on each of the levels. Solve
swap shining jewels. Make lines of 3 and more identical jewels, blast them and get a reward. Start a magic journey together with a cute witch in this Android game. Apply magic skills and logic to sort out magic gems. Make long lines of same colored jewels. Enjoy bright blasts. Get useful bonuses
sort out Christmas cookies, colorful candies and other sweets. Make lines of 3 and more identical sweets. See what kind of presents are hidden in the bag of Santa Claus. In this Android game you will move cookies, cakes, cupcakes, candies and other tasty sweets across the playing field. Try to make
answer the questions from different knowledge categories. Try to give correct answers to unlock harder questions and learn interesting facts. In this exciting Android game you are going to answer the quizz questions. You will experience more than 20 lessons each consisting of 10 interesting
sort out sweets, candies and other tasty things. Make lines of 3 and more identical sweets to blast them. Help cute characters of this exciting Android game defeat an insidious witch. To do this you must throw candies and other sweets at the witch. Swap candies trying to make maximum long lines of
Essayez l'un des plus difficiles trouver soixante-trois jeu de comptage. Comme une combinaison d'un jeu de formation du cerveau et le jeu de chiffres, 63 nécessitera simple, mais si difficilement difficile comptage nombre puzzle défi que vous aurez vraiment la résolution de la lutte.
control railway trains, operate switches, avoid accidents, carry passengers to the destination point. Be attentive and demonstrate the speed of your fingers overcoming twisted levels of this Android game. Take a passenger train along a twisted railway. Get coins for successfully completed tasks and
Hop on Peter’s booze truck (yes, you heard that right… booze truck), and join your favorite Family Guy characters on their debaucherous journey through Quahog! Cruise from level to level matching drinks to keep Peter and Brian hammered. Help your favorite characters keep their buzz!