help Batman rescue Gotham city from insane villains one more time. Carry out your own investigation.
help the hero carry investigation in the occult world. Touch mystic secrets and solve twisted puzzles. The events of this Android game take place in Italy of the beginning of the 20th century. The main hero came to Palermo to meet his grandpa who is a collector of antiques. But the old man's shop
find incredible inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, challenge the dark sorcerer, rescue a beautiful city. The hero of this Android game received a letter from famous Leonardo da Vinci in which the great artist and inventor asks for help. Florence is seized by powers of evil. The hero goes to this city
go shopping to a fashion store. Find hidden accessories and pieces of clothes. In this Android game you can apply your observation skills during shopping. Why pay for the latest fashions of the season if you can find them in different places? Examine the fashion shop carefully. Walk among dress
Try to solve a series of incredible puzzles in an amazing game filled with adventures. Use your detective skills to search all nooks and crannies of the Street of Secrets! Find hints during your investigation, analyse evidence in a lab and gain precious information during conversations with various
help a young girl find the lost princess, get the king's gratitude and find her way home. Explore a magic world together with the heroine. Wendy, a young archaeologist and the main heroine of this Android game, found a mystic portal in her backyard. She fell into the hole of time and space and
go to find the lost archaeologists who were digging in Sri Lanka. In this Android game you will experience incredible adventures in exotic corners of the world. Group of your archaeologist colleagues was looking for a legendary Fountain of Youth. Nobody knows if they succeeded to find it and only
help the hero cope with the cracked mind games and escape from the house which turned into the residence of otherworld horror. The main hero of this Android game lived a regular life. One day he woke up in his own house but did not recognize it. Pressing atmosphere of horror filled its rooms.
travel across the world looking for beautiful paintings and other pieces of art. Participate in auction sales and add new items to your own gallery. In this original Android game you will become a real connoisseur of painting. Examine paintings in the museums carefully and find fakes. Solve logic
carry your own investigation of a murder and clear yourself of suspicion in committing a crime. Find evidence in the rooms of a mansion and question suspects. In this Android game you are going to clear out who, where and how killed the owner of a mansion, Dr. Black. Each of the characters staying
travel across beautiful places of New York city, find hidden objects and complete other logic tasks. Train your observation skills and enjoy views of a famous city in this Android game. Walk along the streets and squares, visit museums, see Statue of Liberty and so on. You will find many objects in
Left-Right: The Mansion is a little game about a boy, Billy, whose dog named Gigi ran away inside a big mansion. He must journey through this mysterious place, where he will have to find and remember the right path in order to find her. Every room will challenge him with a simple choice to make:
get through the dark rooms of an abandoned mansion where mystic events happen and dark powers reign. Lay dead to rest and drive out powers of evil lighting candles in a gloomy mansion. In this Android you are going to face supernatural forces. Find out what happened to David's father who
find a criminal who has stolen a big ruby from the crown of a beauty contest winner. In this Android game you are going to visit Caribbean as a journalist to make reports on the beauty contest. Nice journey becomes gloomy because of the theft of a famous precious stone. You will be one of the
visit a mysterious island located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Solve logic tasks and reveal the mysteries of the island. In this Android game you are going to play as a scientist who got into an island lost in the middle of the ocean. Its inhabitants can't come back to the external world. Try
try to escape from prison. Look for the hidden objects which will help you open the locked doors and set free. Commit a daring escape in this exciting Android game. Examine a prison ward and find useful objects which will help you open the lock. Move across the prison premises such as a kitchen,
help a girl disclose a plot against the king. Travel across a magic kingdom, find evidence and mysterious objects, solve puzzles. The main hero of this Android game is a famous alchemist. According to the king's order she takes up the investigation of a mysterious murder. Help the heroine cope with
start a journey across a crazy world of your favorite TV series and pull a trick on popular characters. In this merry and exciting Android game you will observe scenes of the most popular American TV series of the last years. Make changes to the plot of the show and play tricks on the heroes of TV
travel along the Paris streets, visit cafes, museums and other sights. Look for various objects. Go to the city of love in this interesting Android game. Enjoy romantic walks across the capital of France. Visit the Louvre and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Go up the Eiffel Tower. Demonstrate your
examine rooms of abandoned houses, go into the yard, solve logic tasks and try to escape from this mystic city. Reveal the secrets of old buildings in this exciting Android game. Walk across gloomy rooms full of furniture covered with dust. Look around carefully and pick up various objects. Use
Are you ready to face giant cats and spiders or having trouble reaching the doorknob that feels like climbing to Mount Everest. And it's not just about the size - the different rooms are full of puzzles, codes and all the other classical room escape game elements. So if you dare to accept this
a wonderful game adventure from the Gameloft company. The main characters - Tintin and his loyal friend - a dog Snowball will go to a fascinating adventure full of puzzles and dangers to learn secret of a unicorn and to find treasures. Together you will meet new friends and, of course, enemies. You
When your brother mysteriously goes missing in 2016, it’s your job to go back and find him, no matter what the cost. Explore a land devoid of life and stuck in the past with lingering New Years Resolutions to uncover the truth behind the world and yourself. Avoid blood-thirsty claw machines, failed
find objects hidden in Japanese garden of stones. Use zooming to examine every corner of the garden carefully. Enjoy peace and contemplation in this exciting Android game. Focus on object search and improve your observation skills and intuition. Try to find hidden fruits, gardening tools, umbrellas
help the most cowardly dog detective in the world in his adventures. Investigate scary secrets and catch the cunning criminals. The hero of the popular cartoon, a funny dog Scooby-Doo, will have a lot of fun in this game for Android. He will have to visit the Wild West, the pirate island, and many
join brave planes, the heroes of a popular cartoon, in their absorbing adventures. Do different tasks and play mini-games. In this game for Android you'll find out a new story about funny planes. The story will progress as you play the game. You'll need to fly a plane in the air collecting gold
travel the conscience of a girl with 5 emotions living there. Do different tasks and help the girl live a happy life. The game plot is based on the same name animated movie. You will meet the heroes from the movie, for example emotions like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Interact with
reveal the secrets of the abandoned house in which a sinister doll whose name is Petko lives. Try to escape from a fearless clown. This story started many years ago when one boy was given a clown doll. It cleared out some time later that the clown makes the boy do horrible things. In this Android
go on amazing adventure on a mysterious island with a young treasure hunter Lili. Explore the island and help the villagers. Look in every corner of the beautiful island in this Android game. Explore ancient temples and lush jungle. Meet happy locals and complete their quests. Use your logic and
Meet the continuation of the famous puzzle game - 100 Doors Seasons 3, it is still as fun and amazing!
The classic roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade returns to digital games with a Prelude of things to come. Experience a brand new interactive fiction, written and illustrated by award- winning author Zak Sabbath and Sarah Horrocks.
rescue a medieval Spanish village from the tyranny of a crazy inquisitor, obsessed with a witch hunting. In this engrossing Android game you are going to play as a secret agent of Vatican. You will need to stop inquisitor Augustin and defend peaceful citizens of a village. Stop the bloody
take the princess across endless rooms of a huge castle, solve logic tasks, save the kingdom from invaders. The good king disappeared, the kingdom is in danger and only a young princess can stop evil. In this Android game you will take the heroine across gloomy dungeons, gorgeous halls and other
the house needs cleaning badly. Sort out heaps of the most unexpected things, find useful objects and bring the rooms in order. Visit all rooms of a big house in this exciting Android game. Go to the garage and back yard. Find a broom which will help you in cleaning. Apply zooming function to
is based on the novel "Roadside Picnic" and real exclusion zone of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. This Android game will open a world in front of you which was ported by the developers from a legendary game. The story begins when you find a truck carrying bodies. During the search an alive man was
help the hero escape from a dark forest full of monsters and evil spirits. Find the way to freedom and reveal gloomy secrets of this place. The main hero of this Android game appeared in the forest at night together with a murder. In the last moment the hero was rescued by a mysterious creature.
get through dark rooms of an abandoned mental hospital and reveal all gloomy secrets of this scary place. In this exciting Android game you are going to play as a journalist investigating events which happened many years ago in the mental hospital. A nine year old girl, one of the hospital
help a young girl meet new people, make friends, reveal the secrets of Paris and maybe find real love. The main heroine of this Android game will plunge into the atmosphere of the city of those in love. Help her manage with her feelings and relations with surrounding people. Give advice to the girl
help a boy whose name is Angelo and his friends have fun in the house. Bring everything in order, examine the house and prepare traps for your friends. This Android game is based on the same named cartoon series. You will meet your favorite heroes again, they decided to miss school and play at
help a detective find his disappeared beloved. Solve mystic riddles and cope with hard puzzles. Challenge dark powers in this exciting Android game. Try to remove an ancient curse. Start a journey across a thick forest full of dangers. Look into the lost villages. Look for ancient artifacts, old
reveal the secret of the island near which your drakkar wrecked. Explore the abandoned viking village and surrounding forests. This Android game is based on scandinavian culture and mythology. You must clear out where all inhabitants of the viking settlement disappeared and what secrets are hidden
help a little frog in his incredible journey. Be ready to meet various characters and to solve puzzles. Werther the frog, the main hero of this Android game, goes to find his father. Werther grew up in a town the citizens of which have never visited external world. But in sake for his aim Werther
start a journey across a magic kingdom. Talk to local citizens, solve puzzles, complete interesting tasks. In this Android game you will experience adventures together with brave heroes. Fate of every character depends on your actions and decisions. Take the selected character through dangerous
try to survive in a big city seized by zombie apocalypse. Explore the city, gather resources, avoid zombies and raiders. In this Android game you will get into a gloomy world seized by a plague of deadly virus turning people into zombies. Use limited resources to survive. Turn your home into
try to escape from the cursed place, find keys and other objects. Run away from a revengeful ghost and try to survive. Demonstrate your creative thinking, trust your intuition and logic, find the way out of hopeless situation in this Android game. Evilnessa chases you and you must remove the curse
a girl got into a weird place, help her escape from there. Make phone calls from a mystic phone to open doors to other worlds. Jill, the main heroine of this interesting Android game is locked in a scary dark world. She can't leave her shelter but she has a mysterious phone at her disposal. Each
rescue a fantasy world, remove an ancient curse, find magic artifacts, solve logic tasks. Go to the Lost land together with Susan, the main heroine of this Android game. Use a compass of the worlds to move to an incredible world. Reveal the secret of the ghost ship cursed by evil witch. Meet
investigate a case of the missing person whose phone was found by you by chance. Learn the details of life of the phone owner. In this Android game you are going to reconstruct Sam's life bits and pieces. Take advantage of the data you find in his smartphone. Get familiar with the applications in
examine dark corridors and rooms. Try to escape from a horrible cellar where Slendrina and her assistants are waiting for you. The idea of this exciting Android game is to find 8 old books hidden in different rooms of a cellar. Look around in every room carefully, use a flashlight to light the way.
travel across a magic kingdom, find the fallen star, rescue the kingdom from enemies. Defend Barsia kingdom from the attacks of horrible mechanical beasts in this engrossing Android game. Find a powerful artifact and prevent the war. Help princess Leda who can turn everything she touches into gold.
help a boy find his faithful dog stolen by a mysterious fire plug. Take a little hero across many exciting adventures. Travel across fantasy worlds together with the main hero of this Android game. Fight against insidious aliens, prehistoric monsters, crazy scientists and other powerful opponents.
grow a cute pet, play with him different mini games, look for the hidden objects and solve puzzles. In this merry Android game you will get a weird box with a pet. Feed your pet with delicious food. Type of a pet in the box depends on what you gave him to eat. Read about different animals in a
help an astronaut who got into a trouble on the orbit of a mysterious black hole. Read hero's messages and give him advice. Tailor, the main hero of this Android game, appeared on the board of a space ship which crashed near the black hole. Tailor is involved in mysterious events. Help the hero
try to escape alive from the abandoned hospital. Ghosts and other monsters are walking along its corridors. Solve logic puzzles. Observation skills and smarts can rescue your life in this Android game. Go through various rooms of an old hospital. Find keys from the locked doors and various objects
explore mysterious island created by a representative of an ancient civilization. Reveal the island secrets and find portal books leading to other worlds. In this Android game you will visit a mysterious island with the help of a portal book. You can find other books leading to other worlds in the
go to Word manor and try to survive a night full of dangers and mythic mysteries. In this Android game you will go to take part in a family council. Be careful as your family keeps many gloomy secrets. Many guests of the abandoned mansion will not survive a night. Revengeful ghosts chase your
dive right into a magical fairytale told by two sisters. Touch amazing magic and take part in amazing events. This game for Android based on the popular animated movie. Help Anna find her sister Elsa. You can meet your favorite characters and look at the plot of the fairytale from different
investigate various crimes together with cute police officers of Zootopia. In this merry Android game you will meet the heroes of a popular animations again. Team up with officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wyld, follow the tracks of criminals, solve mysterious crimes. Demonstrate your attentiveness to
FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS! Sorcerer's Mirror is the second chapter in the Eventide series. Eventide takes place in a world of Slavic legends, and tells the story of a bold botanist who embarks on a quest to rescue her niece from
try to escape from an abandoned house where weird things happen. Look for various objects, solve logic puzzles. This Android game will take you to a cursed house. Exmine all floors of the building. Look around carefully and gather useful things such as keys from locked doors. Find pages from
solve a case on series of murders which took place in a resort town. Find evidence, follow the tracks of the criminal, catch a villain. In this Android game you will become a police detective from the department of murder investigation. Investigate a murder of Christie Baker and work on other