Global strike: Counter action

Global strike: Counter action

Global strike: Counter action
Global strike: Counter action
Global strike: Counter action
Global strike: Counter action
Game version: Android 2.3 and higher.

Game features: Many arenas
Over 20 kinds of weapons
Fight against other players
High score

Global strike: Counter action

take part in dynamic battles against numerous opponents. Fight on different arenas and apply modern weapons. In this Android game you will participate in endless war between terrorists and special forces soldiers. Select your team and challenge players from all over the world. Move across industrial objects, cities and other locations. Use fitting shelters. Shoot from your guns, assault rifles and other weapons fast and accurate. Get new military ranks which will open access to powerful weapons.
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Download Global strike: Counter action : 1_global_strike_counter_action v1.15.apk [80,44 Mb] (Count: 4) 1_global_strike_counter_action v1.15.torrent [6,52 Kb] (Count: 2)
3_global_strike_counter_action v2.72.apk [83,57 Mb] (Count: 1) 3_global_strike_counter_action v2.72.torrent [6,77 Kb] (Count: 2)

Game cache

The game requires cache to be downloaded. How to install the game with cache?

Download [zip]: 2_global_strike_counter_action [47,67 Mb] (Count: 2) 2_global_strike_counter_action v1.15.torrent [3,96 Kb] (Count: 2)
4_global_strike_counter_action [21,52 Mb] (Count: 2) 4_global_strike_counter_action v2.72.torrent [1,93 Kb] (Count: 2)

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